Camarones al Mojo De Ajo
Shrimp in garlic butter sauce

This quick and tasty treat is wonderful all year round. It can be easily prepared in less than 10 minutes. Be sure you have all your side dishes ready before you start to cook.

This recipe originated in the sea port of Veracruz, Mexico where many Spanish imports began their reincarnation into the indigenous culinary traditions.


One pound of headless jumbo shrimp with shell on
One half cup of butter
Two tablespoons of virgin olive oil
Ten garlic cloves minced or crushed
Salt to tastes.


Prepare butter sauce:
In a sauce pan, add butter, garlic and olive oil sauté at low heat for 1 to 2 minutes. Set aside. Should be yellow and clear in color.

Prepare shrimp:
Rinse and butterfly cut each shrimp leaving tail intact. Towel dry.

Prepare entrée:
Use a heavy frying pan for best results. Place pan on stove at high heat. Pour butter sauce and shrimp into pan. Lower heat immediately to medium. Sauté shrimp 1 to 2 minutes or until pink in color. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Do not over cook.

Garnish with Lime and Lemon slices and Cilantro sprigs. Best served immediately. Save left over butter sauce for dunking or drizzle on shrimp.

Serve with grilled vegetables, tossed green salad, guacamole, spicy hot sauce and Corn or Flour tortillas.


* This recipe is featured in the Old California Gazette vol. 14 September 2003

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